Sand Dunes In Vietnam? Exploring Mui Ne

Sand Dunes In Vietnam? Exploring Mui Ne
If you think of Vietnam you probably think of the majestic landscapes of Halong Bay, you probably think of the incredible countryside of Hoi An crammed with rice plantations and water buffalos, you in all probability also think of the massive caves of Phong Nha and the impressive waterfalls of Dalat.

But tell me…have you ever considered discovering sand dunes in Vietnam? Yes. SAND DUNES!!!

Intrigued? Read all about the Mui Ne sand dunes and the magical Fairy Stream here my wonder mates!

Sudden Landscapes of Mui Ne 01: Watching the sunrise at the white Mui Ne sand dunes
The beach city of Mui Ne, located just a few hours away from Ho Chi Minh Metropolis (aka Saigon), is a really relaxed place to loosen up and neglect concerning the world for a few days. Nonetheless, there are various wonderful landscapes for individuals who are in search of some adventure of their lives.

Most hotels and hostels will offer you two variations of the same tour to the Mui Ne sand dunes and beyond. One is the sunrise tour and one is the sunset one.

Both excursions visit the identical places in a unique order though the sunrise one is clearly the best one since there’s less folks (and less warmth).

The white Mui Ne sand dunes may not examine to the ones in Jordan’s Wadi Rum or any other desert however they are a really interesting sight to behold. The majestic sunrise over them will make that 4 am get up call totally price it in my humble opinion.

Tip of Wonders 01: If you need, you can lease a quad bike to explore the dunes although rental prices are form of costly for Vietnamese standards. My greatest suggestion? Stroll and convey out your internal Lawrence of Arabia!

Unexpected Landscapes of Mui Ne 02: Sand boarding in the red Mui Ne sand dunes
The subsequent cease of the tour is the one place on this planet the place you could find Vietnamese cone hats and sand dunes on the same time! The red Mui Ne sand dunes are a really interesting place for people watching as you see local women renting sleds so that you can sand board from the sand dunes.

At this level of the sunrise tour, you’ll in all probability really feel hungry for some breakfast so just ask your driver to cease on the best way to the next cease (a fishing port that isn’t really that impressive) because you’ll need a variety of energy for the Fairy Stream.

Tip of Wonders 02: If you choose the sunset tour, the red mui ne red sand dunes tour Ne sand dunes will be the final stop and also you’ll be watching the sunset from here. My finest suggestion? Go on the morning sunrise tour and then (in the event you’re not too tired), rent a bike to come back right here for sunset.

Surprising Landscapes of Mui Ne 03: Strolling in the Fairy Stream
On the end of the tour, you’ll be arriving to the surreal Fairy Stream: a peaceful stream of water which you'll be able to stroll that's surrounded by some impressive rock formations that look from outer space.

As quickly as you arrive, the very best thing to do is to take off your sneakers and feel the cold water running through your toes as you embark on a pleasant walk of wonders. Don’t forget to pinch yourself to ensure you’re not dreaming!


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