What Do I Need To Find Out About Utilizing Magnetic Tapes And Sheets

What Do I Need To Find Out About Utilizing Magnetic Tapes And Sheets
Magnetic tapes and sheets are used on ferromagnetic surfaces. Listed here are some prompt applications :
Flexible labelling of storage and store cabinets as well as metal cupboards and drawers (with coloured magnetic tape or magnetic labels)
Mixture of non-magnetic objects with self-adhesive magnetic tape
Coloured reduce-out shapes, e.g. on whiteboards as part of presentations and trainings (especially coloured magnetic sheet)
Protection for color-coded statistics and process directives with magnetic frames
Invisible picture mounting with magnetic squares or magnetic tape

Magnetic tapes and sheets can lose their magnetisation close to magnets. Therefore, always preserve a distance of at the least 30 mm between neodymium magnets and tapes/sheets throughout use, storage and transport. For ferrite magnets and tapes/sheets, we advocate a minimal distance of 10 mm. You could find additional info on required distances in the table below.
Consequently, please preserve in mind that you can't connect any magnets to magnetic tapes and sheets. A suitable surface for magnets is self-adhesive ferro tape which is also known as metal band or iron band. Our decorative magnetic boards or magnetic strips are additionally an ideal surface for magnets.

Adhesive power
For calculating the adhesive pressure of magnetic tapes and sheets, please read the next FAQ: How sturdy is the adhesive power of a magnetic tape and sheet?
Working temperature
Temperatures under -20° C and above eighty five° C damage the construction of magnetic tapes and sheets. It causes the products to completely lose part of their adhesive force. Subsequently, don't use them in places with extremely high or low temperatures.
Self-adhesive magnetic tapes and sheets
Several of our magnetic faucets and sheets are self-adhesive. Our FAQ about self-adhesive products provide helpful data on these articles.
Tapes and sheets can be stored at room temperature. Ensure that the surroundings are mud-free and dry and don't bend the products. Sheets and tapes don't lose their magnetisation without external influences (neodymium magnets in shut proximity, temperatures over eighty five° C and under -20° C).
Outdoor use
Magnetic tapes and sheets don't rust, so they're additionally suitable for out of doors use. However, publicity to UV rays can make the fabric brittle and crumbly. You may expect having to replace the material from time to time.
For the self-adhesive magnetic tapes as well as the self-adhesive magnetic sheets MS-A4-STIC and NMS-A4-STIC please consult the FAQ about self-adhesive products.
Edges of magnetic tapes and sheets leave black stains. That's especially true for cutting areas. Sadly, this can't be prevented. Subsequently, use warning on light or delicate surfaces. You possibly can easily wash stains off your fingers with water.
Chemical characteristics
Material: Elastic rubber with embedded magnetised strontium ferrite powder (Features of ferrite)
Exception: Since 2016 we additionally provide some tapes and sheets made of neodymium (Feature of neodymium).
Pollution: All products are compliant with RoHS directive
Chemical resistance:
Problem-free: Water, alcohol, customary detergents, climatic influences
Problematic: Acids, oils, hydrocarbons
Coating: (Where applicable) Coloured PVC with UV protective coating
Colour fastness: Longevity warranted attributable to UV protective coating

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