Factors To Ponder Just Before Shopping For Smart Beacon

Factors To Ponder Just Before Shopping For Smart Beacon
MOKOSmart is a specialized producer specialized in the research, development and making of Activity Wristband, smart power plug, Bluetooth LE beacon and nRF52832 BTLE modules. We supply a variety of programs for our possible partners including wholesale program, white-label solution, Electronics Manufacturing Service and also ODM program. In a nut-shell, we are able to provide mature items for you to direct sell, and additionally supply you with a custom-made service to meet your requirement.

With offering smart devices and IoT solutions, we serve to improve customers' lives, both work and businesses, enhancing their efficiency and ease. This is achieved by joining our gadgets to clients' smart devices (mostly smart phones), in wifi covered space, with Bluetooth feature on and the devices connected to target objects. Subsequently, users could posite, find, track, receive messages, check status and even keep control of target objects.

Our products and service can be used for diverse business scenarios. Message pushing function enables retailers to advertise and sell themselves rapidly or to support customers in a much better way. Businesses may additionally use our smart gadgets and cloud platform to make asset management and human resource management proficiently while with least expenditures. Any physical objects close to you just like furnitures, house applicances and cars could be intelligentialized under our IoT solution projects. Don't you think they are rather nice? If you have any kind of concerns relating to where and how you can make use of beacon manufacturing company, you could contact us at our own web-site. Can't wait to have a try?

We've already served customers distributed in above eighty countries, with five millions smart products bought to date. Among top 500 global firms, you'll find a multitude of companies building co-operation with us. Our vision is "interneting every object", and we expect the perspective "leading the world into IoT age" would become a reality if we make an effort to step forward. We're persuing to offer more comprehensive product and competitive service to you, feel free to communicate with us whenever.

Presently, our enterprise has above 200 team members, of which around 20 engineers focus on fitness trackers. Our turnkey service comprises of design, development, production, and after-sales service. We have established sophisticated production lines for activity bracelets, smart power plug, proximity beacon and HM-10 Bluetooth Low Energy modules, which are reinforced by cutting-edge manufacturing technology to make sure professional quality.


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