How To Learn Dutch Quick - Three Tips That Helped Me

How To Learn Dutch Quick - Three Tips That Helped Me
Find out how to study Dutch fast? Anyone can do it, especially with Dutch, because the language is actually similar to English, despite what some naysayers could say. I realized conversational Dutch in almost no time and in this article I'll share with you three of my own personal ideas that may enable you to to do the same.

Best Language Course

Neglect about all the suggestions that you've had so far. It's wonderful how skewed the internet recommendations are.

For example, I hear lots of people recommending "Rosetta Stone". This language learning program is just not all that good, in my opinion. Neither is Pimsleur.

The best is "Michel Thomas". The Dutch Basis course didn't come out lengthy ago but I used it and within minutes I was already putting my own sentences together. If you hated classroom language studying lessons (like myself), then I highly recommend Michel Thomas.

Dutch Subtitles

Many individuals learning English by watching English-language TV collection and films with subtitles in their own native language. I'd have loved to have performed the same however sadly the Dutch do not make many broadsolid productions (Belgium makes more but the Dutch spoken there sounds very completely different to traditional Dutch).

However, you may also study loads by doing it the reverse way i.e. watching US and British programs and putting Dutch subtitles on. This will educate you all sorts of everyday phrases that you just might in any other case not discover. You can seize the subtitles from sites like

Keep Speaking Dutch, Even When Responses Are In English

The Dutch are very practical. Attempt utilizing your few words of Dutch with a shopkeeper and so they might well reply to you in English because their English is clearly better than your Dutch.

Sometimes, you have to reply in English. However I recommend always replying in Dutch. Keep speaking Dutch or else you will not improve beyond a sure level. Ultimately they will take the hint!

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