About Latex Paint

About Latex Paint
Latex paints are the way to go. Not only do they work better and clean up simpler than oil-primarily based paints, however it's possible you'll not even be able to search out oil-based paints in the close to future. This is due to new and changing rules by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has started to make new rules regarding the dangerous chemical contents found in oil paints, known as VOCs (Unstable Organic Compounds).

Latex paints are named "latex" because they previously had a rubber base, which is now not used. Latex paints are actually made with a water soluble base and are built on vinyl and acrylics. Because of this, they clean up very simply with water and delicate soap. Latex paints are greatest for exterior painting jobs, since they are very durable.

3 Types of Latex Paint
There are three sorts of latex paints available: vinyl-acrylic, one hundred% acrylic and alkyd-modified latex. Vinyl-acrylic is finest for interior partitions and is the least expensive. 100% acrylic paints are the highest efficiency paints, retain coloration and are nice with adhesion. Alkyd-modified latex paints are good for the outside, especially for siding which will have flaked, peeled or chalked.

Be careful not to use latex-based paints on naked metal or raw wood. The latex paint will cause the metal to rust and can raise the grain on the wood.

Latex Paint Advantages
Is available in a variety of paint finishes
Is suitable for DIY or professional house painters
Applies smoothly
Dries quick
Is non-flammable
Cleans up simply with soap and water
May be thinned with water
Gives off smaller quantity of odor (compared to oil paint)
Is less poisonous: accommodates fewer VOCs
Fades less on the house exterior
Doesn't yellow on interior paint jobs
Resists mildew
Latex Paint Disadvantages
Doesn't adhere well to shiny partitions or different surfaces
Must "treatment" for 30 days earlier than you may wash it
Requires above-freezing storage temperature
Chips more readily than oil-based paint

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