How To Make Herbal Potpourri

How To Make Herbal Potpourri
Making your own herbal potpourri is super easy and a fun wintertime project! Plus, it's a terrific reward thought, good to make with kiddos, and a fantastic addition to vacation ambiance, sock drawers, cars, or the laundry basket. Who does not love all-natural botanical fragrance?

So, is crafting potpourri so simple as it looks? Yes, with one unexpected however necessary step – adding a fixative blended with essential oils. A fixative can be any number of ingredients together with orris root powder, frankincense powder, myrrh gum powder, angelica root powder, calamus root powder, or benzoin gum powder.

I favor to make use of orris root powder, which comes from the rhizome of two species of European iris. The rhizomes resemble ginger and are harvested in August, stripped of their rootlets and bark, and dried until they have a chalky appearance. Dried orris root smells like violets and is commonly used in natural toothpastes and as a fixative in perfumes to boost different aromas.

When making your potpourri, attempt to find a balance of coloration, size, and texture, and don't fret too much concerning the scent of your dried herbs since they'll soak up the scent of your essential oil blend. You may be able to benefit from the aroma for weeks! You should use any number and combination of herbs that you simply like. I attempt to discover a good mixture of bulky and curiously formed herbs along with light and fluffy herbs for softening the blend.

This blend is sweet and seasonal with a light floral contact and can be great to have across the house this vacation season. Once blended up, fill an ornamental bowl near the entrance of your house, avoiding direct sunlight.

Mix dry herbs collectively in massive bowl, folding and fluffing gently.
Place 2 Tablespoons of Orris Root Powder in a small mixing bowl and add essential oil blend.
Mix together with small whisk, pestle, or fork till fully incorporated.
Wearing rubber gloves, pour fixative mixture over herbs and fold together till absolutely incorporated.
Place in air tight container for storage, bag up in small present packs for friends and family, or place some in small bowls across the house for brightening up your holiday home!

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