Watch Your Napping Kiddo On This Smart Wrist Monitor

Watch Your Napping Kiddo On This Smart Wrist Monitor
3 weeks agoid="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> One of the perks of having an app-connected video baby monitor is that you don't need to carry the base station screen around the house with you. Instead, 스위피 게임 you just pull up the app on your phone and get an instant update on your napping kid

/>Project Nursery wants to bring together the best of both worlds -- a secure, non-app-connected camera with a base station monitor that isn't a hassle to carry around. Its solution: a 1.5-inch monitor 바다이야기게임 that straps to your wrist like a smart watch. This mini monitor is included with the typical camera, a 5-inch base station viewing screen and a slew of great features. This creative design positions the $300 Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor 오션파라다이스 릴게임 System as one of the best on the market -- and one of the most expensive.


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