Why Stretch Cruiser Bikes Are Enjoyable To Ride!

Why Stretch Cruiser Bikes Are Enjoyable To Ride!
So you are ready to ride a bike again, and you consider in having fun with the moment. You need to develop an active lifestyle and bike driving may be the answer. If this sounds like you, then consider Cruiser Bikes as you love to merge fitness and fun collectively!

In this guide, we are going to clarify everything that you have to know in regards to the cruiser bikes – what a cruiser bike is, what are the types, for whom they're good for and much more. We may even point out the Micargi Seattle stretch cruiser bicycle. It’s from a Micargi Bicycles, a company that’s been within the bicycle industry since 1997.

What's a Cruiser Bike and for whom they are excellent to use?

A cruiser bike is a well-liked type of bike that is specifically designed for casual riding. It comes with such options that make it a stable and simple-to-ride bike. Extensive tires, comfy riding position as well as coaster brakes all these features make it suitable for the ride. It's changing into well-liked day-to-day because of the fashion, simplicity and comfort it provides. Though such types of bikes can not deal with the harsh and demanding circumstances of stunts or off-roading, they are a great option for bike riders who just need to ride in their fun and comfort zone!

Types of Cruiser Bikes

There are primarily 5 types of cruiser bikes. Let’s focus on each bike in detail.

Beach or Basic Cruiser
The traditional cruiser is an authentic cruiser bike that is quite common among beach riders. These include a heavy frame, balloon-type tires and tall handlebars. This bike seems basic and provides reliable mechanical performance. As it is a beach cruiser, these often are available in vibrant colors that highlight the beach lifestyle.

Stretch Cruiser Bike
A stretch cruiser bike is usually known for having an extended frame and some models are decrease to the ground. Like all cruiser bikes, it presents a nice using place with raised handlebars, forward-positioned pedals and a wide comfortable seat. One such bike is the Micargi Seattle Single Speed Cruiser! Sure! You read it right! The Micargi Seattle comes with moon-type handlebars and 4 inch fat tires. This type of stretch cruiser bike is perfect to ride on any type of terrain, whether it is smooth, rough, sand, or gravel.

Lowrider Bike
The lowrider bike sits very low to the ground and is commonly desirered by the bike riders resulting from its style. Some lowrider bikes allow the rider to lean back while pedaling. These are suitable for casual riding and they make an incredible statement. Such types of bikes are nice for brief rides as they usually depict type more than function. If you happen to own a lowrider, you probably own more than one bike.

Chopper-type Cruiser Bike
A chopper-style cruiser bike usually combines the options of a chopper-style motorcycle and a low-rider bike. These usually have the same options of a traditional cruiser bike such as coaster brakes and raised handlebars. These are super cool and a fan favourite for chopper enthusiasts.

Multi-Speed Cruiser Bike
A multi-pace cruiser bike is normally known for its ability to provide multiple speed options along with few additional options that make it more versatile. The Micargi Seattle SS Cruiser is a seven speed cruiser. That’s right. You can shift seven gears to navigate the road. Plus the Micargi Seattle SS has 4 inch fats tires and a chopper body style. The Seattle SS mannequin comes with front and back disc brakes, twin-spring saddle, and the high rise handlebars that make the ride very comfortable. Micagri added a really nice chrome end to this mannequin and chrome makes the Seattle SS Stretch cruiser a real head turner.

Although you can ride a stretch cruiser bike with out figuring out anything about its operation, it’s an amazing idea to select a bike primarily based on other factors than appearance. Safety is essential too. Individuals get pleasure from stretch cruiser bikes for the entire reasons given. Briefly, we will conclude from the above points that stretch cruiser bikes are enjoyable to ride and are a great fit for those who just want to have a relaxing bike ride.

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